When To Groom Your Dog

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your dog.

There are many factors that will determine when is a good time to have your dog groomed, but the most common would be:

  • your dog hasn’t been bathed in a while and is dirty and stinky
  • your dog’s hair is too long for you to maintain or brush-out
  • your dog has fleas and you are about to start a Veterinary Flea Program
  • your dog has several mats
  • your dog has rolled in garbage
  • your dog swam with the geese
  • socialization experience
  • you want to spring clean your pet with a new fresh scent
  • your puppy has reached 12 weeks old – let’s start the grooming introductions
  • your dog is scratching, scooting, and has itchy dry skin- your groomer can use a skin soothing or medicated shampoo
  • your dog requires his/her nails cut and ears cleaned
  • you find it hard to snuggle with your greasy friend
  • your dog had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk
  • your groomer recommended your next appointment and the day has approached
  • give your dog a day at the spa for a Christmas treat, or other special occasion


Whatever the reason, a grooming schedule is always a good idea! See you soon!