Things To Tell Your Groomer

An informed groomer is a prepared groomer!  Always give your groomer as much information as possible when possible.  The following is a list of important things to tell your groomer:


If your dog…

  • has any skin issues, sores, wounds of any kind, sensitive areas, lumps or bumps, skin tags etc.
  • has had surgery recently or has any past injuries
  • is pregnant
  • has had up to date vaccinations
  • is under 12 weeks old
  • has an ear or eye infection
  • is on any flea/tick program ( Revolution, Advantage, etc)
  • has a persistent cough
  • has bad hips or elbows or arthritis
  • has fleas or ticks
  • suffers from any illnesses such as seizures, allergies, heart problems, trouble standing, blindness, deafness etc.
  • has behavioral problems such as biting, barking, separation anxiety, extreme dislikes etc.


For your groomer…

Don’t be afraid to be very specific about what you want done with your dog. A groomer’s idea and an owner’s idea of what the haircut should look like may be completely different therefore don’t hesitate to go over details several times OR if you have a picture, bring it with you! We want you to be as happy as your dog will be.

A professional groomer will never feel an owner is giving too much information.  Until your groomer gets to know you and your pet, any information is relevant and appreciated.