By a certified and professional Pet Stylist and Veterinary Technician
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Partial and Full Grooming Packages

All services come with a free Seasonal Photoshoot!
We have over 60 photo backdrops!

Package 1 – Basic Bath

Includes Fresh scent shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry, and a once over brush out, cologne, a complimentary bandana and a seasonal photo yours free to download.

Please call us for an estimate.

Package 2 – Deluxe Bath

Includes a premium shampoo designed for your dog’s coat, conditioning treatment, Blueberry Facial, blow dry, nail trim & file, sanitary trim & ear cleaning. Cologne, Complimentary bandana and seasonal photo yours free to download. See our extra add on features below.

Please call us for an estimate.

* Add on Eye visor trim for $5.00

Package 3 – The Ultimate Brush out and De-Shed, Thin, Trim and Shape Package

Includes 2 specialty shampoos that releases the shedding undercoat, condition & de-shed, Blueberry Facial, leave in conditioner, fluff blow dry, thorough de-shedding brush out, nail trim & file, sanitary trim, footpads and ankles trimmed, & ears cleaned. This package also includes thinning & shaping of body, legs, chest and behind the ears; (the trouble areas). Our signature long lasting Cologne, complimentary bandana, bow or tie. A free seasonal photo yours to download. See our extra add on features below.

Please call us for an estimate.

Package 4 – The Stylish Makeover Supreme

Includes 2 specialty shampoos that soften and brighten their fur, Blueberry Facial for stains and odors, leave in conditioner, Fluff dry, complete body and face styled haircut or shave down with your preferences in mind, sanitary trim, footpads trimmed, nails trimmed & filed, ears cleaned. Our signature long lasting Cologne, complimentary bandana, bow or tie. A free seasonal photo yours to download. See our extra add on features below.

Please call us for an estimate.

Package 5 – The Tidy Up Special

This is great for in between full grooms or to extend the time in between grooms. Your dog will feel great and see you better with this package. Please note this package does not include a bath. For a bath, please refer to our other grooming packages. These are approx. 1-hour grooms, and perfect for any size or breed of dog. Please choose 6 items from the list of options to suit your needs.

Small to Medium Dog

Large to Extra Large Dog

Nail trim or Dremmel, Sanitary trim, Footpads, Toes, Eyes, Beard, Muzzle, Tail, Ear clean, Ear trimming, Feather trim, Belly, Chest, Gland expressing, Toothbrushing, 20-minute Furminator.


Package 6 – The Deshed Brushout

For the medium to long haired breeds, this perfect package will result in less shedding in between full grooms. In this one to two hour groom we will use our many special de-shedding tools to get rid of that undercoat and shedding hairs. Please note this package does not include a bath. See package 3 for complete groom.


Package 7 – The Pawdicure

Do you love seeing soft and cute “mitten feet”? This is the package for you. We will trim nails and then file those sharp edges, Trim those “Grinch” toes, shapely round the paw, clean out footpads, trim ankles, and remove any toe fur. You will love the end result, and your pooch will gladly shake a paw!

Small to Medium Dog

Large to Extra Large Dog


Pricing, Hours & Information

All prices are based on weight, breed, temperament and the condition of the dog. A TLC surcharge may apply.. Open weekdays from 8:00am to 5pm by appointment only. Closed all weekends and all statutory holidays. All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and we are unable to accommodate intact male dogs.

e accept Debit, VISA, Mastercard, Cash, E-Transfer, Cheque, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

* All services are subject to applicable taxes.


All baths come with specialty shampoo that fits your dog’s skin type

Complimentary cologne, bow, tie or bandana with grooming

Add-ons / Extras

Nail Trim
Small/Med: $12.50
Small/Med w/ Dremmel: $15.00
Large/XL: $15.00
Large/XL w/ Dremmel: $20.00

Flea/Tick Treatment Bath
Add $25.00 to Pkg.

De-Skunking Bath
Add $25.00 to Pkg.

Medicated Skin Bath
Add $10.00 to Pkg.

Full head/ Face clean up

Gland expression

Tooth/Gum Brushing

Specialty Shampoo
Dry, flaky and itchy skin
Allergies/ Sensitive skin
Grime lifter
Brightening and shine
Conditioning and hydrating
Flea / Tick
Medicated skin treatment


New and Modern Climate controlled facility

No caging for any dog service

Pocket Pets nail trimming and grooming
(rabbits and guinea pigs)

Specialty shampoos to match skin type and coat condition
(medicated, flea, oatmeal/Aloe)

Lots of one on one love, care and socialization

Puppy/new pet introductory sessions FREE
(2 sessions at 15 minutes each)

Possible extra charges may apply for:

Severely matted coats
Heavily soiled dogs (mud, burrs, skunk, etc)
Medicated skin treatment
Flea and tick treatment
Poorly behaved dogs

As a courtesy to our other pets, clients and staff, we reserve the right to refuse aggressive dogs.

Specials / Discounts

Veteran Discount

Service Dog Discount

Golden Extravaganza (de-shed)
Event April and May


Loyalty Program

Monthly features and specials throughout the year. Please like/follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on our monthly/seasonal specials and offers.