Benefits of Going to a Professional Groomer

There are many benefits of having your dog groomed by a professional:

  • a professional groomer practices healthy grooming techniques and knows how to groom your pet without causing injury
  • If you try grooming your dog at home you might end up hurting your dog with cuts, scratches or skin irritations.
  • The pet groomers will thoroughly inspect your dog’s paws for cuts, thorns or punctures.
  • If your pet has a skin condition, a groomer will be able to apply the most suitable products to protect your dog’s skin. If you try grooming your pet at home and he has a skin condition, you might only cause irritations.
  • your dog will get a professional haircut
  • trouble free nail trimming to the safest length
  • the mess isn’t in your home
  • proper grooming supplies are used, particularly professional shampoos.
  • The PH of a dog is not the same as a human therefore, shampoo for dogs must be used.  There are also several different shampoos that are required for different reasons like brightening/whitening, conditioning, skin issues or fleas and ticks.
  • Massaging your dog can be difficult when you don’t know your pet’s muscle groups. A groomer will be able to give your dog a healthy and pleasurable massage that will relax your pet and stimulates the dog’s circulatory system
  • a professional groomer can give you valuable tips as well as observe your pet for skin conditions/parasites/lumps etc. which can in turn be looked at by your veterinarian


Your dog will not only leave looking and smelling good but will enjoy a day at the spa…